[MARMAM] Systematic photo-identification studies of Delphinus populations

Rankmore, Krista K.Rankmore at massey.ac.nz
Thu Jan 31 17:39:35 PST 2013

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I am currently conducting a PhD as part of the Coastal-Marine Research Group (C-MRG) at Massey University, New Zealand. My thesis is focused on determining the abundance, social structure and site fidelity of common dolphins (Delphinus sp.) in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland. I have been using photo-identification and mark-recapture techniques to gain an abundance estimate on this population.

It is my understanding from the literature that there are few systematic photo-id studies that have been conducted worldwide on Delphinus populations. I am therefore seeking assistance from the scientific community to help identify if any current or historical yet unpublished photo-id studies have been conducted outside of the peer-review system. I am particularly interested in hearing from anyone whom has used unique pigmentation patterns on the dorsal fins of Delphinus to assist with their photo-id research.

If you are conducting similar studies or have any images of common dolphins presenting unique pigmentation patterns that you would be willing to share, I would be extremely grateful to hear from you. Please email me at k.rankmore at massey.ac.nz<mailto:k.rankmore at massey.ac.nz> with any contributions you are able to make. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Krista Rankmore
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