[MARMAM] ECS Wokshop - From nature to science: scientific illustration on marine mammals throughout the centuries. Old challenges and new perspectives

Cristina Brito cristina.brito at escolademar.pt
Wed Jan 23 01:41:11 PST 2013

Title: ?From nature to science: scientific illustration on marine  
mammals throughout the centuries. Old challenges and new perspectives?

Organization: Ana Roque and Cristina Brito

Contact email: ana.roque at iict.pt

Describe, sketch and draw, take up since the dawn of humanity as part  
of the human nature and the relation man-nature. Among the  
apprehension and representation of reality, the building of an image  
of the world or the transmission of knowledge, the idea of associating  
an image to something that describes it remained as a necessity until  
today. The ways of doing it
and the new technical ways to approach it have changed, but the idea  
persists, and today old techniques find new ways to emphasize the  
importance of the relationship between the reality and the image of  
that same reality.
In this sense this workshop aims to look into the path of scientific  
illustration with regard to marine mammals, reflecting on its role as  
a working paper and outreach tool of scientific knowledge not only on  
the different species that over time have been known and studied, but  
also on those missing today, persisting only in descriptive and visual  
memories that still remain
in our archives. How can we approach these documents? How can we  
combine historical evidence and science? What is the present day role  
of scientific illustration, and more specifically in the history of  
the marine mammals? research?

This workshop is organized in the scope of the project ?Knowledge and  
recognition in areas of Portuguese influence: registries, scientific  
expeditions, traditional knowledge and biodiversity in Subsaharian  
Africa and Insulindia? (FCT_HC0075).

Call for papers
We expect submissions from people with different academic backgrounds  
to 15 minutes slots. Please send a 300 word abstract until the 28 of  
February to ana.roque at iict.pt. Full texts can be sent later to include  
a volume of digital proceedings from the workshop .



Cristina Brito

Integrated Researcher at CHAM - FCSH, UNL

Researcher of Escola de Mar

Lisboa, Portugal

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