[MARMAM] Workshop on cetacean acoustics, Erice 2013, first announcement

Gianni Pavan gianni.pavan at unipv.it
Wed Jan 30 02:42:37 PST 2013

*1st Announcement*

On behalf of the Organizing Committee composed by G.Pavan, P.Tyack,
G.Riccobene and W.Barletta, I'm glad to announce an interdisciplinary high
level workshop hosted by the School of Ethology of the Ettore Majorana
Centre, entitled "Cetacean echolocation and outer space neutrinos: ethology
and physics for an interdisciplinary approach to underwater bioacoustics
and detection of astrophysical particles" to be held in October 2013,
18th-21st in Erice, Sicily.

The development of underwater ocean observatories has stimulated new
interactions between disparate disciplines to optimize the their sensors
and layout.  Observatories based upon underwater cables are expensive to
install and difficult to move, but they offer particular promise for long
term observational data sets unlike any gathered to date. The cost and
opportunity argue for planning and technical exchanges from as broad an
array of disciplines as possible. One of the least predictable synergies
has come from interactions between astrophysicists working to detect light
and acoustic signals from neutrinos and marine biologists listening to the
sounds of marine animals (Nosengo, Nature 462, December 2009).

The workshop will focus on the study of the acoustic behaviour of marine
mammals, on the acoustic detection of neutrinos in the sea, on the sharing
of detection technologies, and on the related technological challenges with
a wide interdisciplinary approach.

The workshop is intended to join these different disciplines in the
understanding of the underwater acoustic world and in the development of
common research strategies and protocols. On one side high level
technologies will be explored to improve acoustic detection capabilities,
to serve both biological and physical studies. On the other side, the
workshop will explore the sensory and cognitive skills that have allowed
mammals to successfully exploit the marine environment and to evolve as top
predators there by using acoustics.

The expected audience would come from different disciplines, mainly marine
biology, marine bioacoustics, ethology, acoustics, mathematics, acoustical
oceanography, astroparticle physics and embraces many science fields
related with the study, monitoring and conservation of the marine

Top scientists will present the state of the art in their peculiar
disciplines and selected contributes will be presented by participants in a
context open to discussion and knowledge sharing.

Some preliminary info are available here: www.unipv.it/cibra/erice2013.html

More details on the registration procedures and on the workshop program
will be available as soon as we will have a complete list of speakers and

For any information, please contact gianni.pavan at unipv.it
Gianni Pavan

Centro Interdisciplinare di Bioacustica e Ricerche Ambientali
Università degli Studi di Pavia
Via Taramelli 24, 27100 Pavia
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