[MARMAM] Information sought on Orcas as seal deterrents

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Thu Jan 24 05:00:27 PST 2013


	Dear All,  

	The Salmon Aquaculture and Seals Working Group (SASWG) was formed in
September 2010 to investigate all possible non-lethal solutions to
seal predation at salmon--farms and nets. We are exploring all
possible options to deter seals including the use of 'dummy' natural
predators such as orcas and sharks.  

	As a founding member of the SASWG, the Seal Protection Action Group
would be grateful to MARMAM members for any information regarding
trials of dummy orcas and/or their vocalisations in order to try and
deter seals and sealions,  and similarly any work deploying dummy

	It seems generally understood that all such trials have all been
unsuccessful, however, we would like to establish if this has been
conclusively proven to be the case 

	Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Please respond to
andyo at sealaction.org [1] 

	Best wishes 


	Seal Protection Action Group   
	The Seal Protection Action Group is dedicated to protecting seals
and their environment worldwide. 

	Tel:01273 [2] 471403 Website: www.sealaction.org [3] 

	Scottish Reg Charity No.SC017447 

[1] mailto:andyo at sealaction.org
[2] http://webmail.campaign-whale.org/Tel:01273
[3] mailto:enquiries at sealaction.org

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