[MARMAM] Announcement: Workshop on Bottlenose dolphin’s conservation, ECS, Setubal, 6 Apr 2013

Inês Carvalho carvalho.inesc at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 01:46:08 PST 2013

Dear ECS and MARMAM members,

The following workshop, will be held at the forthcoming ECS
Conference, Setúbal, Portugal:

DIFFERENT RESIDENT POPULATIONS?"  to be held on Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) is catalogued as a high
priority species under the EU Habitat Directive (Annex II) and
requires the designation of Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) for
their protection. The bottlenose dolphins Sado population (Portugal)
is one of the smallest known resident populations in the world. In
2009, recognizing the uniqueness of the Sado population, the
Portuguese Institute for Nature and Biodiversity Conservation approved
the Action Plan for the Conservation and Monitoring of the Bottlenose
dolphins Population of Sado Estuary
(http://roazesdosado.icnb.pt/homepage.aspx - in Portuguese).
Therefore, insights into the distribution, population structure and
health of this emblematic population, human disturbances impacts
quantification and the relationships with non-resident populations,
are urgently required for appropriate management measures. The
objective of this workshop is to present first results of ongoing
projects in the Sado estuary and exchange knowledge and experiences
with researchers working towards the conservation of other resident
populations of bottlenose dolphins.

We expect submissions from people who work with resident populations
of bottlenose dolphins, especially those who are in Special Areas of
Conservation (SACs - Habitats Directive) or that work in scientific
areas (e.g. population structure; human impacts - sound,
whale-watching, chemical pollution; MPAs and management) that have
relevance for the conservation of this small resident population. We
hope that the exchange of experiences among researchers may bring
contributions applicable to the Action Plan for the Conservation and
Monitoring of the Population of Bottlenose dolphins of Sado Estuary.
The presentations will be 15 minutes long. Please send an abstract of
up to 300 words by February 28 to carvalho.inesc at gmail.com.

More informations: http://www.escolademar.pt/ecs2013/

Best regards,

Inês Carvalho, workshop co-organiser

Associação para as Ciências do Mar
Edifício ICAT - Campus da FCUL - Campo Grande
1749-016 LISBOA

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