[MARMAM] Stranding and entanglement response: ECS workshop on "‘Best Practise in Rescue"

William Rossiter rossiter at csiwhalesalive.org
Tue Jan 22 05:05:29 PST 2013

The Science Advisory Committee of the European Cetacean Society is 
holding a full day workshop entitled ‘Best Practise in Rescue’ at the 
27^th ECS Annual Conference in Setubal, Portugal on Sunday 7^th April 2013.

Marine mammal strandings and entanglements generate a significant 
welfare issue on the coasts and in the seas of Europe.  Such events 
elicit a strong response from humans to intervene for the perceived 
benefit of the individuals concerned.  Appropriate action has the 
potential to return an animal to the wild to become a fully integrated 
and productive member of the local population and species as a whole. 
However, inappropriate action, despite the good intentions driving it, 
can exacerbate the animal welfare problem and potentially have more 
serious consequences for the welfare and conservation of the individual, 
species and other species living in the same environment.

The Science Advisory Committee has agreed that this is an appropriate 
topic for discussion in its series of ‘Best Practice’ workshops, with a 
view to making suitable recommendations for rescue, and invites 
scientists and rescuers directly or indirectly involved with this field, 
or with opinions on this matter to participate in this workshop.

The workshop is open to any ECS member and is free of charge. Please 
email me if you would like to sign up to attend (sarah.dolman at whales.org 
<mailto:sarah.dolman at whales.org>).

Many thanks,

Sarah Dolman, workshop co-organiser

Sarah.dolman at whales.org <mailto:Sarah.dolman at whales.org>

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