[MARMAM] Cape Fur Seal distribution on South Atlantic

Joana Hancock joana.hancock at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 03:17:54 PST 2013

Dear all,

There were a couple of unusual sitings of what we think are Cape Fur 
Seals (/Artocephalus pusillus pusillus/) in the Guinea Gulf islands, and 
we are preparing a short note on the occurrence.

Looking for papers on their range and distribution, we only found some 
information (vagrant in Angola and Gabon) but we are lacking references. 
We would be very grateful if someone can send us the following papers, 
or shed some light in any information that may be useful:

Oosthuizen, W.H. (1991) General movements of South African (Cape) fur 
seals Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus from analysis of recoveries of 
tagged animals. South African Journal of Marine Science, Volume 11, 
Issue 1, p.21-26.

Mecenero, S., Roux, J.P., Underhill, L.G. & M.N. Bester (2010) Diet of 
Cape fur seals Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus at three mainland 
breeding colonies in Namibia. 1. Spatial variation. African Journal of 
Marine Science. Volume 28, Issue 1, p.57-71.

Many thanks for your assistance,

With best regards,

Joana Hancock

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