[MARMAM] binoculars with integrated compass and laser rangefinder

Jérôme COUVAT jerome.couvat at hotmail.fr
Mon Jan 21 00:52:41 PST 2013

Dear MARMAMers,

For several
years we have been collecting data on the movements of fin and sperm whales in
the PELAGOS Sanctuary. During our data collection the position of the whale is
taken with its bearing and distance from our sailing boat (observer usually
between 3 and 5m above the sea surface) using binoculars with an integrated
compass and reticle scale. However, hoping to increase the accuracy of our
distance measurements we were wandering if anyone has heard of or is using binoculars
with integrated compass and laser rangefinder all in one, and if they have some
feedback on these.

Thank you very much.

Jerome Couvat
Project Manager at Souffleurs d'Ecume
jerome.couvat at souffleursdecume.com 		 	   		  
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