[MARMAM] Seeking marine mammal focused participants for the CMS NGO Review stage two survey

Margi Prideaux margi at wildmigration.org
Wed Feb 27 15:53:50 PST 2013

Dear MARMAM colleagues

Prior to the 10th Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Conference of 
the Parties (CoP10), Wild Migration (Migratory Wildlife Network) 
approached a wide group of conservation Non-Governmental Organizations 
(NGOs) about developing a 'CMS Civil Society Dialogue' between us all. 
The first face-to-face 'Dialogue' meeting report from the 'Dialogue' 
meeting is available online 

One of the key points raised was that the NGO and NGO science 
relationship with, and contribution to, CMS and the CMS daughter 
agreements was not well understood. There are sever marine mammal 
agreements under CMS now, including:

         1. ACCOBAMS - Cetaceans of the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and
            Contiguous Atlantic Area
         2. ASCOBANS - Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North-East
            Atlantic, Irish and North Seas
         3. Wadden Sea Seals
         4. Pacific Cetaceans and their Habitats
         5. Dugongs and their Habitats
         6. Mediterranean Monk Seal
         7. Aquatic mammals of West Africa

Many of these agreements operate alongside the complexity of other 
marine industries, yet there is little policy, or science, cross over. 
However, in many cases the NGO and the NGO science community is 
attending to both CMS agreement meeting and marine industry meeting, and 
can provide a vital policy and science link between the two.

*Progress of the CMS NGO Review: The Natural Affiliation *
To further progress the 'Dialogue' discussions, and also to respond to 
the outcomes of CMS CoP10, including the increasing complexity of ocean 
resources management issues, Wild Migration commenced a review, late 
last year, about NGO perspectives on CMS as a mechanism, CMS's influence 
and implementation and NGO contributions to this influence and 
implementation. The summary of that first stage Review - The Natural 
Affiliation - was presented to the CMS Strategic Plan Working Group and 
the CMS Standing Committee in November, and is available online 
The individual interview conducted during this process will be included 
in the Annex to the final Review.

*We are now commencing the second stage of the Review, with a specific 
focus on the NGO relationships with each of the CMS daughter agreements 
(Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding) through an online survey at 

*Once again, we would welcome your input. The results of the two stages 
of this project will be presented to the CMS Strategic Plan Working 
Group mid 2013, the CMS Standing Committee at the end of 2013, and will 
be used to influence the preparations for CMS CoP11 in 2014
**The survey is not long, and should take no more than 10 minutes of 
your time if your organization works on one or few agreements.**
**Respondent are welcome to identify themselves or complete the survey 
anonymously.  Organizations are also welcome to task different areas of 
their organization to complete the survey for each of the agreements 
they work on.**
**The survey will remain open until 29th March 2013*

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Wild 
Migration for assistance. We thank you for the generosity of your time.

Best regards
Margi Prideaux

Margi Prideaux, PhD
Policy and Negotiations Director: *Wild Migration | Migratory Wildlife 
Member: IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas
Member: IUCN WCPA Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group
Member: Joint IUCN SSC/WCPA Marine Mammal Taskforce
tel: +618 8121 5841 | mob: +61 414 555 398 (/only when travelling/) | 
fax: +618 8125 5857 | eml: margi at wildmigration.org | skp: 
cetequalitarian | twt: @WildPolitics

    /A collaborative civil society partnership to coordinate and
    progress migratory wildlife conservation through international processes
    Un partenariat de collaboration de la société civile en vue de la
    coordination et de l'avancement de la conservation des espèces
    migratrices sauvages par le biais de processus internationaux
    Una asociación cooperativa de sociedad civil para coordinar y
    avanzar la conservación de la vida silvestre migratoria a través de
    procesos internacionale/

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