[MARMAM] 2012 Report on Responsible Whale and Dolphin Watching now available

Dylan Walker dylan at planetwhale.com
Wed Feb 20 15:11:10 PST 2013

Dear colleagues,

*Apologies for cross posting.*

We have just published the 2012 REPORT ON RESPONSIBLE WHALE AND DOLPHIN
WATCHING which is available for free download.

The report discusses a variety of issues of interest to the scientific
community, including the use of citizen science by responsible swim-with
operators, the evolution of self-managed codes of conduct, and measuring
the value of an guided educational curriculum.

The report is a groundbreaking document, produced by and for the whale
watching industry. It includes contributions from twelve businesses that
formed a coalition in 2012 called the Responsible Whale Watch Partnership,
and facilitated by Planet Whale.

The report is available for download here:


We welcome comments and feedback as we look to make improvements on the
2013 report, which will be in production shortly.

With thanks and best wishes,


*Dylan Walker
co-founder Planet Whale & WhaleFest

mob/cell: +44 (0)7900 471490
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