[MARMAM] Workshop announcement: Using collaborative ocean geodesign to identify marine protected areas for cetaceans

Dylan Walker dylan at planetwhale.com
Tue Feb 19 09:05:40 PST 2013

Dear all,

The following workshop, facilitated by Planet Whale in collaboration
withthe University of California Santa Barbara Marine Science
will be held at the forthcoming ECS Conference in Setubal, Portugal,
Saturday 6 April 2013

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Although there is an urgent need to expand upon the current number of
designated Marine Protected Areas for cetaceans, there are many issues
restricting our ability to do so. These include a continued lack of data on
the critical habitat for many species, only limited identification of
potential MPAs, and restrictions placed upon scientists and managers by
current legislation.

This interactive workshop will look at the potential for both the
scientific and wider stakeholder communities to use collaborative ocean
geodesign technology to identify MPAs for cetaceans and develop management
plans with the potential for widespread implementation and successful

Collaborative ocean geodesign combines sophisticated online mapping
technology with social media such as forums to address site management
issues. Mapped areas requiring management are drawn by stakeholders who can
then make plans to deal with the issues affecting those areas. The maps and
plans are then released to other stakeholders for review.

The result is a cost-effective and engaging way to define priority MPAs and
develop effective management plans supported by the wider stakeholder
community, thereby significantly improving their chances of being
designated. In this workshop we plan to use the SeaSketch tool, kindly made
available by Dr Will McClintock and colleagues at the University of
California Santa Barbara Marine Science Institute.

We would like to encourage participants to attend from a wide range of
backgrounds both within the scientific community and beyond. The workshop
will be designed to engage and involve all participants regardless of
experience. Your interest in the subject is all that we require.
Presentations will be kept to an absolute minimum. Instead, sessions will
be group-based, challenging, instructive, inspiring, and fun, and we
anticipate outputs which will contribute to progress and inform further
planned debate on this issue.

The workshop will be split into three sessions:

   1. Setting the criteria for cetacean MPAs. What’s important to you?
   2. Live mapping workshop. Map your ‘Area of Concern’, share your
   management solutions and adapt your plans based on the advice of others.
   3. Empower the stakeholder community. Successful MPAs often have
   management plans that involve and engage coastal communities and local
   marine users. How can we improve our chances of designation and
   implementation by ensuring everybody has their say from the beginning?

This workshop will focus on mapping potential MPAs in European waters,
including regions covered by both ASCOBANS and ACCOBAMS. We therefore
welcome participants planning to attend the workshop organised for the
following day by Peter Evans and colleagues, entitled ‘The challenge of
spatially managing cetaceans – a highly mobile animal group’. We hope that
our outputs will help to inform discussions on the following day.

The workshop will start at 9.30 am and finish at 6.00 pm. There will be a
charge of €25 per person.

Anyone interested in participating or offering to share their experiences
relating to any of the three sessions please contact me at
dylan at planetwhale.com. There are also two places available for volunteers
to assist with the workshop (thereby avoiding the fee).

Further information and an itinerary will be emailed to participants in


Dylan Walker

Co-founder, Planet Whale


dylan at planetwhale.com

Tel: +44 (0)1273 355011

Skype: planet.whale
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