[MARMAM] Marine mammal biology & conservation summer field course in Scotland

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Marine mammal biology & conservation summer field course in Scotland


Places are available for a Summer field course in Scotland (3-16 July 2013)
for Washington DC area university students via George Mason University,

The course includes lectures and field work on research vessels in the Firth
of Clyde and on whale-watching boats off the west coast of Scotland,
offering participants excellent opportunities to see whales, porpoises,
dolphins, seals, basking shark and a variety of seabirds, such as gannets,
puffins and shearwaters. The course is run by the University Marine
Biological Station Millport, and includes periods at Millport Marine Station
on the Isle of Cumbrae and at Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull.

The course examines the diversity, behaviour, ecology, physiology,
conservation and management of cetaceans (whales and dolphins), seals and
marine turtles. It focuses on issues such as the diving ability and
behaviour of seals, the social behaviour of dolphins, the conservation of
whales and the life history and migrations of turtles. It also includes an
introduction to seabirds and basking sharks that are normally seen during
field excursions.

Course credit:  EVPP 419+420/ BIOL 454+455/ EVPP 519+520 (4.0 credits)

Cost: ~$2600 for 2 weeks (plus flights & tuition) - includes all meals at
the Marine Station, local transport, all boat trips and airport hotel


Email: Tracy.Price at millport.gla.ac.uk by 8 March 2013 to book a place - for
more details email Professor Chris Parsons, George Mason University :
ecm-parsons at earthlink.net


(UK/European students students interested see:



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