[MARMAM] Tethys 2013 field courses

Simone Panigada simo.pani at inwind.it
Thu Feb 7 03:22:46 PST 2013

The TETHYS RESEARCH INSTITUTE announces its 2013 courses on cetacean 
research and conservation, held in the Pelagos Sanctuary (Western 
Ligurian Sea), Italy.

These courses are a unique opportunity for anyone with an interest in 
wildlife, wishing to observe cetaceans in their natural environment 
and contribute towards their conservation. Participants will be 
involved in data collection at sea with advanced methodologies. 
Informal lectures will be given by experienced researchers.

The 6-day courses take place in May to September at a cost of 724.00 
- 866.00 Euros, with special discounts for students. Please note 
that, willing to facilitate motivated people despite the widespread 
crisis, fees for 2013 have been lowered from 10% to 15%.  Fees 
include room&board, insurance.

For further details, including a full list of available dates and 
prices, or to download detailed information and application forms, 
please visit:


or contact the office by mail: istituto.tethys at gmail.com

working hours: 9.30 am -  12.30 pm (GMT+1)

Best regards,

Adriana Geraci

Tethys Research Institute
Viale G.B. Gadio 2, 20121 Milano, Italy
tel. +39 0272001947 / 0272013943
fax +39 0286995011
tethys at tethys.org

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