[MARMAM] marine bioacoustic symposium in IBAC meeting

Marcos Rossi marcos.rossi at tauassu.com.br
Tue Feb 5 02:16:50 PST 2013

Dear colleagues, we are pleased to announce and invite you to participate
in the following symposium, to be held as part of the IBAC program
(Pirinópolis, Brazil, Sept 8 - 13):

Marine Bioacoustics in the XXI century: integrating new technologies to
conservation and ecological studies

Organizer: Dr. Marcos Rossi-Santos (TAUASSU Ambiental/ Unijorge, Brazil)

Marine Bioacoustics is an open research field for the future, contributing
to understand the ecological processes involving marine animal sensitivity
to sounds and how economic development could affect their survival. This
symposium aims to offer an overview about new techniques to increase our
knowledge of the marine ecosystem.

Check out more information at www.ibacbrazil.com

Best whishes,

Marcos Rossi-Santos

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