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Dear  list members, 
We  are pleased to announce the following article on North Atlantic right 
whale  acoustics and vocal behavior: 
_Vocalization  characteristics of North Atlantic right whale surface active 
groups in the  calving habitat, southeastern United States_ 
(http://scitation.aip.org/content/asa/journal/jasa/134/6/10.1121/1.4824682)   (2013) 
(http://scitation.aip.org/search?value1=Vasilis+Trygonis&option1=author&noRedirect=true) ,  V., Gerstein, E., Moir, J., and _McCulloch_ 
) , S.  Journal  of the Acoustical Society of America 134, (6) 4518  
Passive  acoustic surveys were conducted to assess the vocal behavior of 
North Atlantic  right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) in the designated critical 
calving habitat  along the shallow coastal waters of southeastern United 
States. Underwater  vocalizations were recorded using autonomous buoys deployed 
in close proximity  to surface active groups (SAGs). Nine main vocalization 
types were identified  with manual inspection of spectrograms and standard 
acoustic descriptors were  extracted. Classification trees were used to 
examine the distinguishing  characteristics of calls and quantify their 
variability within the SAG vocal  repertoire. The results show that descriptors of 
frequency bandwidth and  spectral disorder are the most important parameters 
for partitioning the SAG  repertoire contrary to duration-related measures. 
The reported source levels and  vocalization statistics provide sound 
production data vital to inform regional  passive acoustic monitoring and 
conservation for this endangered  species. 
The  full text is available online at: 
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