[MARMAM] Eco-volunteering and internship opportunity at the Adriatic sea, Croatia

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*Gain experience by joining Adriatic Dolphin Project at the island Lošinj,

The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation is a non
profit organization that carries out several projects aimed at recording
data about the life of endangered marine organisms.

The Adriatic Dolphin Project conducts research of population ecology,
genetics, acoustics and habitats of bottlenose dolphins and other Cetacean
species of the Adriatic. It is the longest ongoing study of one resident
bottlenose dolphin community in the Mediterranean Sea.

*The internship* offers the opportunity for motivated students in biology
or related sciences to experience work on collection and elaboration of
scientific data. The students will actively participate in collection of
behavioral, surfacing and navigational data,  learn to use photo
identification methods and analyse collected data, all that under
mentorship of experienced marine biologists.

*Eco-volunteering program* is for highly motivated individuals who come to
join our research and provide great help throughout the season. During the
course period eco-volunteers are educated in cetacean biology, marine
conservation and scientific research techniques by the resident
researchers. In addition eco-volunteers live with the researchers; they
help in everyday tasks such as the preparation of meals and field base
maintenance. The motivation of the people involved in the program is of
great importance for the project as a whole. The funding received from
volunteers is important to the survival of the project and the continued
research in this region.

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For any other information contact Tihana Vučur on tihanavucur10 at gmail.com
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