[MARMAM] Graduate Opportunity in Stable Isotope Ecology of Marine Birds/Mammals

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Thu Dec 19 13:30:25 PST 2013

M.S. / Ph.D. Opportunity in Stable Isotope Ecology of Marine Birds/Mammals

Seeking a highly motivated graduate student (M.S. or Ph.D.) to begin  
graduate research in a dynamic, new lab at Louisiana State  
University's Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences (DOCS) in  
fall 2014. Active areas of research focus on using stable isotopes to  
provide insights into the ecology of seabirds and marine mammals and  
examining the impacts of invasive species on island ecosystems.  
Desired qualifications include: 1) B.S./M.S. degree in biology, marine  
science, chemistry, or relevant discipline, 2) laboratory experience  
(i.e., sample preparation, organic extractions, gas chromatography,  
bulk and compound-specific stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry),  
and 3) experience working on ecological studies in remote field  

Interested candidates should fill out a pre-application form for the  
graduate program in the Department of Oceanography and Coastal  
Sciences at Louisiana State University  
Please indicate on this form that you would like to work with Dr.  
Polito. In addition, please email a single pdf containing your CV, a  
cover letter with your potential research interests, a brief summary  
of accomplishments (educational background, GPA, GRE scores), and  
contact information for at least three professional references to Dr.  
Michael Polito (mpolito at whoi.edu). Qualified candidates will be  
contacted directly and encouraged to submit a full application to the  
graduate program in DOCS. Graduate positions will include tuition and  

Outstanding candidates (Combined GRE scores > 310 or 1250, GPA > 3.5,  
excellent references, and/or strong publication record) can also  
compete for Board of Regents Fellowships (about $28K/year+tuition) if  
full applications are completed ASAP and received by the Graduate  
School and DOCS prior to January 15, 2014. For more information about  
the lab's research program and DOCS see www.whoi.edu/people/mpolito  
and www.oceanography.lsu.edu.

Michael J. Polito, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar (current position)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Assistant Professor (starting August 2014)
Louisiana State University
Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
Phone: (508) 289-4864
Email: mpolito at whoi.edu
Web: www.whoi.edu/people/mpolito
Twitter: @MJPolito

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