[MARMAM] The Eighth International Conference “Marine Mammals of the Holarctic” St. Petersburg, Russia during 22-27 September 2014. The first announcement.

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*The Eighth International Conference*


*St. Petersburg, Russia 22-27 September 2014*

36 Nachimovskiy av.

117851 Moscow, Russia

Tel/fax: +7 (499) 1247579

*http://conf2014.2mn.org <http://conf2014.2mn.org> *
email: conf2014 at 2mn.org

Россия, 117851 Москва,

Нахимовский просп. 36

тел/факс: +7 (499) 1247579


*(December 15, 2013)*

Following the decision of the Seventh International Conference "Marine
Mammals of the Holarctic" (Suzdal, Russia, September 2012) the Marine
Mammal Council (Russia) is organizing the Eighth International Conference
"Marine Mammals of the Holarctic".

The conference is planned to be held on the base of SUE <<Vodokanal of St.
Petersburg>>, St. Petersburg, Russia during *22-27 September 2014*.

The purpose of the Conference is to discuss results and prospects for
study, conservation and use of marine mammals of the northern Hemisphere.
Although all topics concerning cetaceans, pinnipeds, sea otters, and polar
bears are welcome, the following topics will be emphasized:

   - Population structure of marine mammals
   - Assessment and monitoring of population (stock) abundance of marine
   - Ecology (feeding, distribution, habitats, migrations, etc.) of marine
   - Behavior and acoustics in marine mammals
   - Physiology, health, toxicology, and impacts of pollution on marine
   - Research methods
   - Protection and management of marine mammal populations (legislative,
   protection measures, etc.)
   - Rehabilitation and captivity of marine mammals.

During the Conference the following special events are planned to be

   - Summing up results of the National contest of kids' drawings of marine
   mammals (organized by MMC and The Biodiversity Conservation Center (BCC));
   - Exhibition of photos presented by the Conference participants.

The organizing committee of the conference welcomes ideas/proposals on
workshops and sessions to be held during the conference.  Please send your
proposals to conf2014 at 2mn.org.

Registration details and a guide detailing the format for submitting
conference materials will be presented by the next Announcement.

Online information regarding the conference is available at
<http://conf2014.2mn.org> *

We are also seeking the assistance of parties and organizations willing to
provide financial support for organizing and conducting the conference and
for preparing the conference proceedings.

Organizing Committee of the Eighth International Conference
"Marine Mammals of the Holarctic"
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