[MARMAM] Research Assistant needed for Ganges River dolphin project in Bihar, India

Nachiket Kelkar rainmaker.nsk at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 07:29:12 PST 2013

Dear All,

We are looking for a research assistant (RA) to work in a project on conservation and research of Ganges River dolphins and other biodiversity in the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary, Bhagalpur, Bihar.

The details of the position are as follows:

1. Duration of work: from December 2013 to June 2014 (at least). Based in Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.
2. Enthusiastic and committed about wildlife conservation, research and able to work in difficult places, difficult conditions without complaint. Must be willing to work in Bihar throughout the given time period.
3. Basic but sufficient salary of per month will be provided, along with food, accommodation and basic long-distance and local travel fare. Salary will be discussed based on interest and CV.
4. Looking for a candidate who has some prior experience in any of the following: field surveys of wildlife, GIS and mapping skills, web design and brochure preparation, fisheries, conservation education and outreach, statistical data analysis. However, this is not an essential criterion.
5. Ability to converse, read and write in Hindi is preferable.
6. We encourage people with their own research ideas (esp. regarding otters, fisheries, river dolphins, birds, river hydrology or miscellaneous conservation issues) to work independently on small projects, while also helping us with field work. 
7. The RA will report to me and Dr. Sunil Choudhary, T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bihar throughout the period of study. 
8. The RA will also help out in organizing small workshops and outreach sessions for local fishers and other stakeholders associated with the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary riverscape.

Interested folk can write to me directly, with their CV attached. 

Best regards,

Nachiket Kelkar

Nachiket Kelkar
Bangalore, India
rainmaker.nsk at gmail.com

Member, IUCN Cetacean Specialist Group
ATREE, Bangalore;
NCF-India, Mysore;
VBREC, Bhagalpur

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