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Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the publication of the following article:

P. Gago-Ferrero, M. B. Alonso, C. Bertozzi, J. Marigo, L. Barbosa, M.
Cremer, E. Secchi, C. Domit, A. Azevedo, J. Lailson-Brito, J. P. M. Torres, O.
Malm, E. Eljarrat, M. S. Díaz-Cruz and D. Barceló


“*First Determination of UV Filters in Marine Mammals. Octocrylene **Levels
in Franciscana Dolphins**”*

*Environment Science and Technology *

ABSTRACT: Most current bioexposure assessments for UV filters focus on
contaminants concentrations in fish from river and lake. To date there is
not information available on the occurrence of UV filters in marine
mammals. This is the first study to investigate the presence of sunscreen
agents in tissue liver of Franciscana dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei), a
species under special measures for conservation. Fifty six liver tissue samples
were taken from dead individuals accidentally caught or found stranded
along the Brazilian coastal area (six states). The extensively used
octocrylene (2-ethylhexyl-2-cyano-3,3- diphenyl-2-propenoate, OCT) was
frequently found in the samples investigated (21 out of 56) at
concentrations in the range 89−782 ng·g−1 lipid weight. São Paulo was
found to be the most polluted area (70% frequency of detection).
Nevertheless, the highest concentration was observed in the dolphins from Rio
Grande do Sul (42% frequency of detection within that area). These findings
constitute the first data reported on the occurrence of UV filters in
marine mammals worldwide.

The full text and pdf is available from:

For any questions or pdf requests please email:

Mariana Alonso: alonso.mb at gmail.com <skj3 at st-andrews.ac.uk>

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*Dra. Mariana Batha Alonso *
*Instituto de Biofísica da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
(IBCCF-UFRJ) (*www.biof.ufrj.br/pesquisa/ambiental/radioisotopos/)
*Laboratório de Mamíferos Aquáticos e Bioindicadores da Universidade do
Estado do Rio de Janeiro (MAQUA-UERJ) **(**www.maqua.uerj.br
*Projeto BioPesca, Praia Grande, S**P **(**www.biopesca.org.br

*Environmental Biophysics - **Federal **University of Rio de Janeiro UFRJ,
Brazil (**www.biof.ufrj.br/en/ <http://www.biof.ufrj.br/en/>)*
*Aquatic Mammal and Bioindicator Lab MAQUA- ** Rio de Janeiro **State
UERJ**, Brazil (**www.maqua.uerj.br <http://www.maqua.uerj.br>)*
*Projeto BioPesca, São Paulo, Brazil (**www.biopesca.org.br
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