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Thierry Jauniaux T.Jauniaux at ulg.ac.be
Wed Dec 4 01:12:18 PST 2013

Dear all,
ECS has been trying to set up a new website for more convenient and helpful use.
We are in the middle of this process and that is why some of you had trouble sending abstracts to ECS 2014 conference.  We, the ECS Council, apologize for this inconvenience and decided to have another few days for abstract submission
The deadline is now Sunday midnight Universal Time, 8 Dec 2013 (then just before the SMM conference)  at http://liege.europeancetaceansociety.eu/conference/28th-annual-conference. 

Please do not try to use our old website and your password to old account but register first to submit your abstract
Other pages of the conference website are under construction at the moment. We will post a message on ECS-TALK, MARMAM and our Facebook as soon as they are ready.
If you have any questions, please write to (ONLY): ecsconference2014 at ulg.ac.be
Thank you for your understanding and patience. Looking forward to seeing you in Liege.  

Thierry Jauniaux

Thierry Jauniaux, DMV, PhD,  

ECS Conference 2014 Liege 5-9 April


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