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*Humpback Whale Field Intensive Program at MCERC in Puerto Rico:  *

*1 week “Shorty” programs *

*Gap Year Options*

The Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center is inviting interested
students to participate in the third season for 7 day field intensive
focused on cetacean behavioral ecology in Puerto Rico. *No experience is
necessary to participate!*

 Join our research team studying humpback whales *(Megaptera novaeangliae*)
wintering off Puerto Rico. *Space is limited to 4 students in each  7 day
session* for

boat and land based research platforms during the field season January 19,
2014- April 19, 2014. We are offering this "shorty" format (by request!) to
fill the need for less expensive programs fitting into work and class
schedules. Gap year students are welcome to inquire about programs lasting
multiple weeks, including in depth analysis of data.

  This field intensive training program is well suited for students
(undergraduate and graduate) of all skill levels interested in cetacean
behavioral ecology, and conservation. The program culminates in a
certificate acknowledging training including theodolite tracking of whales
and boats from land, boat based behavior and acoustic data collection,
analysis of acoustic files and software, and photo identification of flukes
and fins for cetaceans.

Participants are directly involved in data collection and analysis for PhD
dissertation related research for Seasonal Occurrence Patterns and Social
Strategies of Humpback Whales *(Megaptera novaeangliae)* Wintering off
Puerto Rico, USA as well as an examination of reaction to human activity
near shore (including boats, divers, surfers, and aircraft).

 Program fees include a week in Puerto Rico, USA: travel between field
stations, training program in scientific methods, room and meals at the
project field station in San German, reference materials related to the
project, field methods for data collection and analysis, and a certificate
of completion. Fees *do not include* travel to and from Ponce, Puerto Rico,
USA and compulsory health and travel insurance (usually purchased with air
travel). Students must bring a working or collar-type PFD during all boat
operations. Options for acquiring a pfd for the program session are sent
with application packets.

MCERC has provided documentation of study for students working with their
advisers at universities resulting in undergraduate and graduate university
credit hours. Please *meet with your adviser in advance* and send us an
e-mail with your application if you are considering this option and we will
be happy to send you information helpful to your adviser.

To participate, simply download the *Simple Application and information
packet from the MCERC website under the “Education” tab. **Be sure to read
all the information related to the project and the filed station!  Email
your application to **MCERC.mail at gmail.com* <MCERC.mail at gmail.com>*.**
(*Website: www.Marine-Eco.org <http://www.marine-eco.org/>)

**Thank you for supporting humpback whale research and education!


 Send us a note! MCERC.mail at gmail.com

 2014 Humpback Whale Field Intensive Project Sessions

Session 1  January 19- 25                                       $900.00USD

Session 2 January 26 – February 01                    $900.00USD

Session 3  February 02-08                                     $900.00USD

Session 4  February 09-15                                      $900.00USD

Session 5  February 16-22                                      $900.00USD

Session 6  February 23- March 01

Session 7  March 02-08 HWFI and Advanced Technical Training – Marine Mammal
Observer (MMO), Protected Species Observer (PSO), and Mysticetus Tracking
software training sessions

Session 8  March 09-15 HWFI and Advanced Technical Training – Marine Mammal
Observer (MMO), Protectrd Species Observer (PSO), and Mysticetus Tracking
software training sessions

Session 9  March 16-22                                           $900.00USD

Session 10  March 23-29                                        $900.00USD

Session 11 March 30-April 05                                $900.00USD

Session 12 April 06-12                                            $900.00USD

Session 13 April 13-19

 See you in the tropics!

 WWW.Marine-Eco.org <http://www.marine-eco.org/>

MCERC.mail at gmail.com

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Mithriel M. MacKay
Ph.D. Candidate
Marine Mammal Research Program
Department of Marine Biology
Texas A&M University, Galveston
(830) 688-9878
mithriel.mackay at gmail.com


Director of Research and Education
Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center
San German, Puerto Rico, USA
Pipe Creek, Texas 78063
www.Marine-Eco.org <http://www.marine-eco.org/>
MCERC.mail at gmail.com
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