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The Mauritius Marine Conservation Society (MMCS) is a non-governmental
organization existing for more than 30 years, working actively to promote
awareness and appreciation of the rich marine life around Mauritius.
Educating people to the need for marine conservation, our core objective is
the protection of marine mammals and coral reefs.

One of the objectives of MMCS is to promote the need for marine
conservation in Mauritius through the creation of marine parks. This is
done through ongoing research activities.

In order to continue our work and research we are looking for willing
volunteers who want to gain conservation experience, to come to Mauritius
and work on current projects. This would involve both field based data
collection and office based data entry, equipment maintenance and a variety
of office base activities.

Specifically, you could be involved with:

1.      Monitoring the behavior, ecology and population demographics of the
local cetaceans

2.      The behavior of dolphin watching boats

3.      Turtle monitoring

4.      Cetacean diversity studies

5.      Surveying fishermen and divers

6.      Working with schools to promote environmental awareness

7.      Creating educational games and presentations for information
evenings to spread awareness and gain support  for the need for sustainable
marine eco-tourism

8.      Fundraising

Volunteers will be accommodated in a furnished house in Black River (GPS
20°21.77’S, 57°21.48’E). It is a short walk to the supermarket, post
office, pharmacy and beach. Accommodation, bedding and laundry facilities
are all supplied but *food is the volunteers responsibility* (allow
40-60/week). Wifi is available at the house/office so bring a laptop.

*Openings for volunteers are available immediately*. We are currently
offering a 15% discount on standard rates. Charges are GBP£250/€290/US$390
per week with an additional £65 to organize airport transfers. This deal is
valid for bookings until 31st October 2013. Due to the training involved
the minimum stay is 3 weeks and maximum 8 weeks because of Government
stipulation.  For more information on volunteering and application forms,

Nina via email: info at mmcs-ngo.org
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