[MARMAM] PhD on Dolphin Social Cognition

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Sun Aug 25 15:18:05 PDT 2013

PhD position on Dolphin Social Cognition

Dept of Cognitive Science, UC San Diego

Applications for position beginning Fall 2014 are due December 2, 2013.

This research involves audio and video analysis of social interactions in
captive bottlenose dolphins. Our goals include gaining a better
understanding of the social use of vocalization and gesture in these
animals, and the role that monitoring and manipulating social attention
plays in their daily lives. Qualifications for potential candidates
include some subset of the following:

* Background in observational studies of behavior, especially the
micro-analysis of video

* Working knowledge of “distributed cognition” (e.g. Hutchins 1995; 2001,
Johnson 2001, 2010; Hutchins & Johnson 2009 - see refs below)

* Experience with Computer Vision techniques

* Programming skills (e.g. in “C”, “Python”, or equivalent)

* Familiarity with Information Dynamics measures (such as "mutual
information", "integration", and complexity" - see Lungarella et al, 2005)

Interested parties should contact Dr. Christine Johnson, Dept of Cognitive
Science, UC San Diego, at johnson at cogsci.ucsd.edu for further details.

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