[MARMAM] Information about spinner dolphin and Indopacific bottlenose dolphin habitat

Manon Condet manon.condet at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 03:08:57 PDT 2013


I'm working on a Spinner dolphins'  (S*tenella longirostris*) and
Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins' (*Tursiops aduncus*) habitat study in
Reunion island.  I'm interested in the characteristics of the areas in
which they concentrate (sediment type and slope of the sea bottom, average
water depth, turbidity, etc.) and I would like to compare our observations
with those from similar studies in other regions.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome! Thank you very much in advance,

Best regards,
Manon Condet
manon.condet at gmail.com
Globice : www.globice.org
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