[MARMAM] Volunteers needed to help with seabird and cetacean fieldwork in South of Spain (Andalusia) - 5th campaign.

Joan Giménez Verdugo gimenez.verdugo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 06:18:34 PDT 2013

Volunteers needed to help with seabird and cetacean fieldwork in South of
Spain (Andalusia) - 5th campaign.

CIRCE (http://www.circe.info) is seeking applications from volunteers to
help in the motorboat ELSA in the study of abundance and distribution of
seabirds and cetaceans in the Gulf of Cadiz (Andalucia - Spain) from 16th
September to 27th October 2013.

Volunteers should be available for the entire period. You will be
responsible for your transport to and from the main centre, but once here,
we will provide accommodation, transport to the different harbors and food
expenses (communal shopping/cooking will be arranged).

The main port will be Chipiona and all the volunteers and research team
will be based there, although other ports (Barbate, Isla Cristina and
Tarifa) could be used during the surveys (in that case everyone will sleep
in the boat). We will do lineal transects to cover the coastal area of the
Gulf of Cadiz (12 nautical miles) with the motorboat ELSA (10 meters) with
an observation point at 5 meters above sea level to monitor seabirds,
cetaceans and anthropogenic activities.

Volunteers should be prepared to long working days (some days more than 10
hours) under the sun, the wind and cold weather and to help with data entry
and office duties during bad weather days.

Successful applicants will:

-have previous experience in seabirds and cetacean identification at sea.

-have a mature attitude towards seabird and marine mammal research.

-be autonomous and quickly operational.

-be able to live and work constructively with others in a team.

-be able to live in a small boat (10meters) for some days.

-speak fluently Spanish and/or English.

-be available for the entire period.

Applicants should send an email introducing themselves to
gimenez.verdugo(at)gmail.com. The email should include an outline of why
you would like to work on this project, your qualifications and previous
experience. Please also attach a brief CV, detailing your previous
experiences relevant to this project.

*Applications will be considered in order of arrival.*

*Applicants will receive an email the 3rd of September, so the application
is open until the 1st of September.*

Joan Giménez Verdugo
PhD student
gimenez.verdugo at gmail.com
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