[MARMAM] Humpback whlae's stranding measurements

Chris chris_oceano at yahoo.com.br
Fri Aug 9 14:51:42 PDT 2013

Dear colleagues, 

As part of my Master's
research, I aim to adjust a method to estimate the total body length of
humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)
through the photogrammetry technique using the fluke width measurements to
correlate with total body length, as proposed by Sousa-Lima & Groch (2010).  These two
measurements have a linear correlation as it was demonstrated in previous
studies. To calibrate even more this correlation, we are going to develop allometric equations for body length
of humpback whales. I would be thankful if any Marine Mammal Stranding
organizations who have collected or will collect the measurements of this
species, and the gender of the animal, to get in contact if is willing to share the data. My aim
is to create an effective method to estimate total body length of living whales
jointly using the allometric equations and the photogrammetry technique.
Measurements of body size of free range humpback whales aid significantly in the
understanding of important aspects of their biology and behavior, primarily in
a breeding ground since the body size is often correlated with mating

Please contact me by email atchrisdvechio at gmail.com

Thank you in advance.

Christine Del Vechio Koike
Laboratory of Ecology and Conservation of Marine Mammals - ECOMMAR
Department of Biological Sciences
Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz - UESC
Rodovia Ilhéus/Itabuna, km 16. Salobrinho, Ilhéus - Bahia
45662-900 Brasil
Tel: (73) 9180-2480
CV Lattes: http://lattes.cnpq.br/6414549076293523
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