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Once again, Projeto Boto is recruiting for 9-month internships in
the Mamirauá Reserve, Brazil. We require fit, enthusiastic, hard-working
fieldworkers who will carry forward our long-term study of botos (Amazon river
dolphins). Due to close involvement with local communities, interns are
required to have at least moderate Portuguese language skills, or to speak
fluent Spanish, in addition to English. There can be no exceptions. In previous
years we have received many applications from people who do not fulfil these language
criteria. Please only apply if you have the
necessary skills.

Projeto boto was established in 1994. To date it has hosted more
than 50 interns of many different nationalities. The Project's objective is to
conserve the boto, and the sympatric tucuxi, through research leading to greater
understanding of the biology and ecology of these dolphins. In recent years we
have also spent considerable time investigating the impacts of fisheries on
these species, and especially the relatively new harpoon hunt, in which
thousands of botos are killed each year for fish bait.

We are seeking 2 people to commence work as soon as possible. But we would also like to hear from people
available later in 2013 or early 2014.

Our work is centred on a floating lab/accommodation base, moored
in the flooded forest. The research team comprises 3-5 people, who maintain
daily observational boat-based research effort year-round. The basis of the
work is the piecing together of the lives of over 500 individually recognisable
dolphins, to provide publishable information on such diverse topics as growth,
reproduction, habitat use, social system, seasonal movements, survival rates,
causes of mortality etc.

Interns are provided with free accommodation and food, and receive
a small monthly stipend. Transportation to the fieldsite (near the town of
Tefé, Amazonas) from Manaus is provided, but interns must arrange and pay for
their own transportation to Manaus. All necessary training is provided on site.

Further information on all aspects of the work is available at

Successful applicants will:

be aged 21-35

speak at least moderate Portuguese or fluent Spanish, in addition
to English

be available for 9-12 months

have completed a university degree, preferably in zoology or

preferably have some fieldwork experience


Applicants should please provide:


Full CV, complete with age, nationality, linguistic skills,
educational and fieldwork experience

A letter explaining why you are prepared to dedicate 9 months of
your life to this study.

The names and email addresses of 3 referees who are familiar with
you and your work.

The date on which you would be available to start work in the


Send this information by email to both of the Project
co-ordinators, Prof. Tony Martin (boto at live.co.uk) and Dr Vera da Silva (vmfdasilva at gmail.com).


Closing date is 23 August 2013. Applications fulfilling the above
criteria will be acknowledged within 3 days, but there will be no further
communication unless the applicant is short-listed. Short-listed applicants
will be notified by 30 August latest.

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