[MARMAM] App for photo-id

Rene Byrskov rene at byrskov.dk
Sat Apr 27 07:46:05 PDT 2013


While tablets are getting more commonplace for fieldwork, I was lacking a
good photo-id app for comparing images side-by-side. So for the iPad I've
created a new app called "Sight Resight", which allows you to take
galleries of images and compare, as well as overlaying images.

The app can be downloaded from here:

Right now I'm just focusing on the way that our lab normally does photo-id,
but I'd like to get feedback from community on what kind of features you'd
like implemented. If you're interested, give the app a try, and send
feedback to byrskov+appvaerk(at)gmail.com.

Best regards
René Byrskov
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