[MARMAM] Discounted airfares now available for Marine Mammal Conference attendees

Alana Phillips alana.phillips at me.com
Sat Apr 27 22:29:38 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Great news!  Air New Zealand has just come onboard as a sponsor of
the 20th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals this

We have just secured some discounted airfares for conference
attendees travelling to New Zealand from North America.  We have
blocks of seats reserved out of both Los Angeles and Vancouver. For
ALL the details, please visit our Travel & Accomodation page:

Hot tip:  You can book your seat now, and pay later (by June 15th). 
So, to take advantage of these great airfares, please reserve your
seat as soon as possible!

Note to our members in UK and Europe:  We are close to finalizing
discounted airfares out of London for you - stay tuned for an update
in the next week.

Kind regards,


Alana V. Phillips
Membership Chair, Society for Marine Mammalogy

Victoria, BC, Canada
alana.phillips at me.com
LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.ca/in/alanaphillips

(apologies for cross-postings)
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