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Dear colleagues,

The latest issue of Sirenews is now available online:  http://sirenian.org/sirenews/59APR2013.pdf
Older issues are archived here:  http://sirenian.org/sirenews.html

Sirenews is the official newsletter of the IUCN/SSC Sirenia Specialist Group.  HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE THAT Sirenews is an informal forum, not to be considered citable, formally-published literature; it is NOT "peer-reviewed", and contributions to it should not be quoted without the written permission of the author. The opinions expressed are those of the writers and not necessarily those of IUCN or other organizations.

Sirenews (ISSN 1017-3439) appears twice a year in April and October and is edited by Cynthia R. Taylor and James A. Powell, Sea to Shore Alliance. Sirenews is supported by the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission and archived online by Sirenian International.  Submission deadlines are April 1 and October 1. Material may be submitted by e-mail to: Cynthia Taylor (ctaylor at sea2shore dot org).


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The mission of Sirenian International is to promote the long-term conservation of manatee and dugong populations around the world through research, education, and inter-cultural collaboration. Please remember us when budgeting for your charitable donations. Donate online at http://sirenian.org.

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