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I would appreciate it if you could post the following summer classes and
internship announcement.

Please post responses to jzeligs at mlml.calstate.edu

Thank you.


California State University Monterey Bay and Moss Landing Marine
Laboratories http://slewths.mlml.calstate.edu/ offer one-week intensive *summer
classes* open to any one interested animal training or in pursuing careers
in the marine mammal field. In addition, *hands-on internships *for people
of all ages and levels of experience are also available at the lab working
with marine mammals. The successful completion of both courses and a
five-day internship will earn a *Certificate of Completion in Beginning
Marine Mammalogy. *The classes' instructor, Dr. Jenifer Zeligs has over 30
years of terrestrial and aquatic animal training experience, across diverse
disciplines including research, public display, and studio and film work.

For further information on class content and registration please contact:
jzeligs at mlml.calstate.edu <jhurley at mlml.calstate.edu> *and see below*.  For
help with internships and housing please contact: sskrovan at mlml.calstate.edu.

CRN  30926, Section 01 *: *This 3 credit interactive course provides
students an in-depth understanding of the discipline of animal training
across many different types of terrestrial and aquatic animals and
techniques. It provides an exceptional background in relevant animal
behavior and psychological principles related to the practical goal of
modifying animal behavior.  These techniques will be demonstrated daily
using trained sea lions at Moss Landing Marine Labs where the course is
taught. Horses, birds, and other animals will also be used to demonstrate
these techniques.
Students will intern at least one day at the lab assisting in the care and
training of research-trained sea lions.  Topics covered will include:*
Why Train? Communication, Motivation, Desensitization, Aggression, and
Practical Training.

*Tuition:* $735 + $39 campus fee per semester is payable to CSUMB-EE.

An additional $50 lab fee is payable to MLML on the first day of class.

*WORKING WITH MARINE MAMMALS: Bio 347 *(July 8-14, 2013) CRN  30925 Section
01*: *This 3 credit course is designed to assist people who are interested
in developing a career in marine mammalogy.  It will provide practical
information about marine mammals and working with them, drawing on the rich
background of marine mammal work in the Monterey Bay area.  The course will
include live experiences with the marine mammals at Moss Landing Marine
Labs. This class will instruct students in captive marine mammal husbandry
(care and maintenance), training, basic physiology, an overview of common
research topics and techniques, as well as public display, education, and
current issues in marine mammalogy.  Students will intern at least one day
at the lab assisting in the care of research-trained California sea lions.
They will also gain experience in developing a resume, job interviews, and
public presentations.

*Tuition:* $735 + $39 campus fee per semester is payable to CSUMB-EE.

An additional $50 lab fee is payable to MLML on the first day of class.

(If you book both classes- you will pay the $39 campus fee only once).

*For registration, enrollment and other logistical information please
contact Cal State Monterey Bay http://extended.csumb.edu/ or call them at
831-582-4500.  Attached you will find a registration form which can be
mailed in asap to guarantee your space and enrollment (instructions are on
the form).

*Enrollment details and housing*:

*Enrollment for each class limited to 17*. *Summer registration for open
enrollment begins April 29, 2013*, but you can send in your enrollment form
early to reserve your space. The classes are open for enrollment to *any
high school graduate* regardless of age and there are *no prerequisites*,
however no transportation or housing is included in the enrollment price.
International students are welcome.

For help with *housing* and *to schedule an internship* please contact
sskrovan at mlml.calstate.edu <sskrvoan at mlml.calstate.edu>. Courses will be
taught at Moss Landing Marine Labs in Moss Landing, CA.

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