[MARMAM] Seeking photo contributions for book about polar bears

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Fri Apr 5 06:41:03 PDT 2013

Dear MARMAM members,


Mechtild and Wolfgang Opel, published authors
living in both Nova Scotia and Berlin, are starting a new project about polar
bears. Their recent trips to the Canadian Arctic brought them in close contact
with bears but they have few photos of the quality required for publication.
They are searching for contributions of photographs of polar bears (high
resolution) from the MARMAM community. 


For those of you with photographs to generously
offer for use in their German language book, you will get full credit, and, by
request, a hardcopy of the book (attention – this book will be in German!)


About the book: 


- It is an “everything that you always wanted
to know“ approach to the polar bear. The text will  include facts and figures from anatomy to
ecology, with all the newest data, but will also explore other aspects including
the human-bear realtionship over the centuries. They will present the Inuit
perspective, the spiritual connections, the meanings of hunting, the myths and
legends, the European view, sport hunting, zoo keeping, circus performing,
cuddly pets and coke commercials, and include true accounts of close encounters
with polar bears in the wild. It will really be a holistic representation of
the species. 


The number of printed copies will be 2000 or


Mechtild and Wolfgang have been working in
other fields including travel writing, history – for instance Germans in the
Arctic, Labrador history including Moravians, and examples of their work
include: Kanadas maritime Provinzen mit Newfoundland and Labrador (2008/2011),
Das Kanada-Lesebuch (2013). You can check out their blog at:


Those with photos willing to share, please
contact Mechtild and Wolfgang at:

 mechtild.opel at trimaris.de

 Shoshanah R. Jacobs, PhDwww.shoexpeditions.com 		 	   		  
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