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Dear colleagues,


My name is José Luis Copete and I am one of the Photographic Editors of the
Handbook of the Mammals of the World series. As you probably already know,
we are now working on some global processes for Volume 4: Sea Mammals. One
of these processes involves choosing the color photographs included in the
Family Text of each chapter. The photo selection focuses on covering as many
species as possible and aims to illustrate the different morphological,
biological, and behavioural aspects (food and feeding, breeding, etc.) of
the species that make up each family.


So far, we have received around 15,000 photographs from various
photographers, agencies and collaborators. However, the uniqueness of this
mammal group means that it is proving more difficult than usual to obtain
good-quality images showing the specific aspects mentioned above, especially
underwater images. For this reason, we would please kindly ask that you send
any photographic material that could be appropriate for your chapter bearing
in mind the aim of the photo selection. The photographs must be in
high-resolution electronic format, at least 300 dpi (or ppi) and 20 cm wide.
Besides the technical requirements mentioned, it is important that they are
close-up images of the species in question and that they are in focus.
Please note that if the photos have not been taken in the wild, it is always
better if the artificial components are not obvious.


For some of the families included we have received few images, these are
Pontoporiidae (Franciscana Dolphin), Ziphiidae, Phocoenidae, Platanistidae,
Lipotidae, Iniidae, Monodontidae, Eschrichtiidae, Kogiidae and
Neobalaenidae, so any image showing these species would be interesting.


We offer for any picture published a fee of 120US$, or a free copy of the
book, or any other volume of the HMW series (or Handbook of the Birds of the
World series, for those also interested in birds). We pay for the use for
only one time, non-exclusively, of each picture. That means we don't own the
image, which is of course still owned by the photographer, who can sell it
in the future as many times as wanted.


I can send an Excel file with all the species considered (English and
scientific names included) for those interested to collaborate.


Please don't hesitate to write me to ask for any questions you should have
regarding the photographic organization of the HMW series.


With very best wishes,


José Luis Copete




José Luis Copete

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