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MARMAM subscribers,

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new paper regarding new 
technologies and the evolution of experimental methods in the first two 
years of the Southern California Behavioral Response Study (SOCAL-BRS). 
The reference, abstract, and where to acquire the article are given 
below. We would also like to remind MARMAM subscribers that additional 
information regarding the SOCAL-BRS project is available at 
www.socal-brs.org and that our from-the-field blog will resume around 10 
October at: http://sea-inc.net/blog/.

*Brandon L. Southall, David Moretti, Bruce Abraham, John Calambokidis, 
Stacy L. DeRuiter, Peter L. Tyack. (2012).    Marine Mammal Behavioral 
Response Studies in Southern California: Advances in Technology and 
Experimental Methods.  Marine Technology Society Journal 46(4), 46-59.*

ABSTRACT: Behavioral response studies (BRS) are increasingly being 
conducted to better understand basic behavioral patterns in marine 
animals and how underwater sounds, including from human sources, can 
affect them. These studies are being enabled and enhanced by advances in 
both acoustic sensing and transmission technologies. In the design of a 
5-year project in southern California (" SOCAL-BRS), the development of 
a compact, hand-deployable, ship-powered, 15-element vertical line array 
sound source enabled a fundamental change in overall project 
configuration from earlier efforts. The reduced size and power 
requirements of the sound source, which achieved relatively high output 
levels and directivity characteristics specified in the experimental 
design, enabled the use of substantially smaller research vessels. This 
size reduction favored a decentralization of field effort, with greater 
emphasis on mobile small boat operations capable of covering large areas 
to locate and tag marine mammals. These changes in configuration 
directly contributed to significant increases in tagging focal animals 
and conducting sound exposure experiments. During field experiments, 
received sound levels on tagged animals of several different species 
were within specified target ranges, demonstrating the efficacy of these 
new solutions to challenging field research problems.

Keywords: marine mammals, noise, underwater sound, transducer, 
behavioral response study

A .pdf of this article is available for professional use at 
www.socal-brs.org or by request from Brandon.Southall at sea-inc.net. 
Information regarding MTSJ and this issue of the journal is given below 
<access the MTS Journal online at: 

*Tools, Techniques, and Strategies for Ocean Exploration**
**Volume 46, Number 4*

Journal Preview

The world's seafloor for which we have first-hand accounts, detailed 
maps, and samples remains minuscule, new vehicles, instrumentation, and 
strategies will be needed to shape our current and future exploration 
programs. This issue presents a number of papers that illuminate 
different aspects of ocean exploration.

Table of Contents

Message from the MTSJournal Editor
Ann E. Jochens

Multiplatform Ocean Exploration: Insights From the NEEMO Space Analog 
Arthur C. Trembanis, Alex L. Forrest, Douglas C. Miller, Darlene S. S. 
Lim, Michael L. Gernhardt, William L. Todd

The Untethered Remotely Operated Vehicle PICASSO-1 and Its Deployment 
 From Chartered Dive Vessels for Deep Sea Surveys Off Okinawa, Japan, 
and Osprey Reef, Coral Sea, Australia
Dhugal J. Lindsay, Hiroshi Yoshida, Takayuki Uemura, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, 
Shojiro Ishibashi, Jun Nishikawa, James D. Reimer, Robin J. Beaman, 
Richard Fitzpatrick, Katsunori Fujikura,Tadashi Maruyama

A New System for Three-Dimensional High-Resolution Geophysical Surveys
Peter Sack, Tor Haugland, Graeme Stock

Implementation of a Seafloor Sediment Corer With a Novel Hydrostatic Motor
Jianjun Wang, Huawei Qin, Ying Chen

Marine Mammal Behavioral Response Studies in Southern California: 
Advances in Technology and Experimental Methods
Brandon L. Southall, David Moretti, Bruce Abraham, John Calambokidis, 
Stacy L. DeRuiter, Peter L. Tyack

Observations of Nepheloid Layers in the Yangtze Estuary, China, Through 
Phase-Corrupted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Speeds
Zhenyi Cao, Xiao Hua Wang, Weibing Guan, Les J. Hamilton, Qi Chen, Dedi Zhu

Investigating the Influence of the Added Mass Effect to Marine 
Hydrokinetic Horizontal-Axis Turbines Using a General Dynamic Wake Wind 
Turbine Code
David C. Maniaci, Ye Li

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