[MARMAM] Marine mammal welfare, cognition and behavior seminar in San Diego, CA - USA

Sabrina Brando sbrando at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 7 00:23:18 PDT 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for cross-postings.

In collaboration with Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute we are organizing a
seminar titled "Marine mammal welfare, cognition and behavior".

The dates are November 9th - 11th, 2012 in San Diego, CA - USA.

For more information, the provisional program and registration please visit

A flyer is also available online to print and hang at your facility /

Thank you for sharing this email with colleagues and friends who might be
interested, your help advertising the seminar is highly appreciated.

Best regards,


Sabrina Brando
sbrando at animalconcepts.eu
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