[MARMAM] New ESME acoustic simulator release

David Mountain dcm at bu.edu
Wed Sep 5 16:26:51 PDT 2012

A new release of the ESME acoustic simulator is available for download from
http://esme.bu.edu/download/index.shtml.  This version includes sound-field
calculations as well as animal exposure statistics.  The simulator uses the
3MB animal movement model developed by Dorian Houser.

This version uses compiled MATLAB scripts to generate graphics for the
animal exposure statistics so if you don't already have the MATLAB runtime
environment installed, you will be automatically prompted to download the
runtime environment (its free).

Note: A known bug <http://hrcbugzilla.bu.edu/show_bug.cgi?id=139> exists
which will cause ESME to crash on startup on machines whose current
language localization is set to a non-English setting. This bug affects
several modules in the software so it is taking some time to resolve all
the problems. A new release of ESME will be issued as soon as this bug is
fixed. Until that time, the temporary fix is to temporarily change the
language localization to English -- see this Microsoft help
more information.

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Professor of Biomedical Engineering

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