[MARMAM] Recent News Articles on Serious Dolphin Conservation Issues

Trevor Spradlin trevor.spradlin at noaa.gov
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Dear MARMAM Subscribers:

Three major newspapers in the U.S. have published articles over the past 2
weeks about the serious conservation issues facing dolphins in the wild
from the careless and reckless actions of private boaters, commercial
operators and tourists who feed or harass the animals:

1.  The Miami Herald – “Dolphins at the mercy of the clueless and the
cruel” (September 1, 2012):


2.  Tampa Bay Times – “Scars of human folly show on Florida’s bottlenose
dolphins” (August 27, 2012):


3.  The New York Times – “The Dolphin Lover’s Conundrum” (August 14, 2012):


The most recent one in The Miami Herald is by the award winning
investigative journalist and best-selling author Carl Hiaasen.  As many
folks in the marine mammal community know, Mr. Hiaasen is well known for
his strong conservation ethic and has written about marine mammal issues
before.  He has a large following so his attention to these issues should
help raise additional and much needed awareness to inform the public about
the harmful and dangerous human activities placing dolphins and other
species of marine mammals at risk.

Major thanks to the staff at NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office, the
Sarasota Dolphin Research Program, Chicago Zoological Society, Mote Marine
Laboratory, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and many
others in the community for all their efforts to protect dolphins.

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