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Hi Suleman,

The Autonomous Multichannel Acoustic Recorder - Generation 3 (AMAR G3) that JASCO has developed over the past couple of years is specifically for applications such as you have asked about.  Please forgive my use of the forum to raise awareness of this new offering.  The AMAR G3 is meant to tackle demanding multi-sensor oceanographic data collection requirements and is attractive for high performance or sophisticated recording requirements - it is purposely a higher end device.  JASCO developed it for our own use to support our own field work because we couldn't find all the features we needed in available products.  We are now willing to share our very flexible instrument with the community to try and recoup some of our significant investment.

The AMAR G3 is unique:

*         It can record single or multiple channels (small arrays) - it is actually designed to record multiple oceanographic devices simultaneously

*         The basic offering is a complete single channel calibrated acoustic recording instrument including a calibrated hydrophone

*         It is designed to be readily interfaced with various hydrophones and sensors - both analog and digital

*         It has eight 24 bit and one 16 bit recording channels at configurable sample rates

*         It can be configured for short (two week), medium (three month) or long (one year) duration missions by adjusting the fitted memory, batteries and duty cycle

*         It is a solid-state recorder with up to 1.76 TB of memory

*         It features a very low noise floor - we've spent a lot of time and effort on this

*         It comes in both a shallow (250m) and deep (2500m) versions

*         It supports sophisticated recording duty-cycle schemes/schedules which we call "Schedules of Schedules"

*         It is supported by an intuitive Windows based application call AMARlink which allows users to configure and operate the AMAR and manage recorded data

*         We've added external battery packs so that the AMAR electronics doesn't have to be exposed to the elements during battery changes

*         We've developed a suite of supporting accessories - cable clamps, frames, floats, end-bales, bottom plates, etc....so AMARs can be readily incorporated into mooring systems and other sensor packages

*         It can act autonomously but it is also designed to be able to stream data in real-time

*         It has an attractive price-point for the feature-rich/multi-channel functionality and superior performance it offers

This year we've fielded approximately 200 AMAR deployments - from Canada's North West Passage to Eastern Australia.   We both sell AMARs and offer them in a leased-service arrangement if you prefer.  JASCO's turn-key service can include the pre-deployment prediction of instrument performance, installing & recovering instruments and post-deployment scientific data analysis.

If you wish to learn more about the AMAR G3- please feel free to contact me directly.


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Dear List,
I hope my email finds you in the best of activities.

1. I am working on a project for dolphin conservation and behavioural studies in Pakistan. For this purpose we want to buy hydrophones and recording equipment (electronic equipment) to record broadband acoustics of fresh water dolphins and marine mammals.

2. As we are conducting long term monitoring and funding is an issue, for long run, I am also interested in getting  suggestions/guidance on in-home preparation of hydrophones and electronic equipment for recording. Though I work in CSE faculty, I hope that I can get assistance from Mechanical & Electronics faculty in my university, based on your suggestions. [In this regard, particularly an advice on prices & companies selling broad-band PZT/piezo-ceramic elements and reliable open-source design for high-sampling (3 MHz sampling rate) data loggers or A/D converter circuits is requested].

I 'll be extremely thankful for your kind guidance on requested information on my email address.(I 'll happy to share the summary/list of guidance papers received after 2 weeks of this email).

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