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Winter/Spring 2013 

Marine Mammals and Sea Turtle Research Internship

Program Description

The IMMS Research Internship Program is designed as a way for students
interested in a career in marine science to gain valuable research
experience in a real-world setting. Interns will participate with multiple
projects involving bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles and diamondback
terrapins. As an intern, you will be trained in all aspects of dolphin
photo-id research, sea turtle satellite tracking, and other current research
projects at IMMS. Interns will also participate in other operations at IMMS
including stranding response, education, and animal care. Our goal is to
give Interns a well-rounded experience in a variety of areas while providing
expert training and experience in marine science research. Interns will be
given a monthly food stipend.

Principle Duties and Requirements

 Interns must:

*	Commit to a minimum of at least 12 weeks. The internship can be
extended depending on work performance. 
*	Be available to work Mon-Fri and must be available for all boat
trips. Some field days may fall on the weekends. 
*	Have strong sense of responsibility, work ethic, attention to
detail, and ability to admit mistakes. 
*	Produce high quality research efforts and exhibit strong
interpersonal skills.


*	Principle Duties include: data entry, searching and cataloging
journal articles, learning all research protocols, cropping and sorting
photo-id fin images, learning to use photo-id programs such as Darwin (fin
matching software), and FinBase (Microsoft Access), boat based field
research, and learn how to use ArcGIS 
*	Secondary Duties involve: Working with animal care staff, attending
marine mammal and sea turtle necropsies, responding to strandings, assisting
with educational tours. 
*	Field days: Interns must be able to spend many hours on the water
and on shore in sometimes extreme seasonal conditions. Seasonal temperatures
range from over 100 °F in summer to 30 °F in winter. Field days typically
exceed eight hours and occur at least two or three times a week. 


To Apply
Please visit our website at  <http://imms.org/internship.php>




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