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Dear Colleagues,
My co-authors and I are pleased to announce that a new publication is now

Holt, M.M., Ghoul, A., and Reichmuth, C.J. 2012. Temporal summation of
airborne tonal signals in a California sea lion (*Zalophus californianus*).
*Journal of the Acoustical Society of America *132: 3569-3575.

ABSTRACT: The trade-off between sound level and duration on hearing
sensitivity (temporal summation) was investigated in a California sea lion (
*Zalophus californianus*) using airborne pure-tone stimuli. Thresholds were
behaviorally measured using the method of constant stimuli at 2.5, 5, and
10 kHz for nine signal durations ranging from 25 to 500 ms. In general,
thresholds decreased as duration increased up to 300 ms, beyond which
thresholds did not significantly improve. When these data were fitted
separately to two versions of an exponential model, the estimated time
constants (92–167 ms) were generally consistent between the two fits.
However, the model with more free parameters generated fits with
consistently higher *R*2 values, while avoiding potential arbitrary
decisions about which data to include. The time constants derived for the
California sea lion were generally consistent with those reported for other
mammals, including other pinnipeds. The current study did not show a clear
correlation between time constant and test frequency. The results should be
considered when conducting audiometric work, assessing communications
ranges, and evaluating potential noise impacts of airborne tonal signals on
California sea lions.

© 2012 *Acoustical Society of America*
The full article can be found online at:


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