[MARMAM] New paper: Humpback whales sightings around Trindade Island, Brazil

Salvatore Siciliano sal at ensp.fiocruz.br
Fri Nov 16 00:58:43 PST 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new publication on the 
presence of humpback whales around Trindade Island, located 1,140 km off 
southeast Brazil, in the Southern Atlantic Ocean.

Pdf can be downloaded at http://www.scielo.br/pdf/bjoce/v60n3/16.pdf

Salvatore Siciliano, Jailson F. de Moura, Henrique R. Filgueiras,  Paulo P. 
Rodrigues and Nilamon de Oliveira Leite Jr. 2012. Sightings of humpback whales 
on the Vitoria-Trindade chain and around Trindade Island, Brazil.

Brazilian Journal of Oceanography, vol. 60 no.3 Sao Paulo jul./set. 2012


We report on two sets of opportunistic sightings of humpback whales off the 
southeast coast of Brazil between 2003 and 2007. Sightings were made onboard a 
longline fishing boat operating along the Vitoria-Trindade Chain from 27 
October to 10 November 2003. A second set of sightings was collected during a 
trip to Trindade Is. from July to August 2007. Observations of humpback whale 
groups during 2007 were made from cliff-top vantage points on the mainland. 
Whenever possible, a description of the general behavior of the whales was 
recorded ad libitum.

Our results and the previous published information suggest that the region 
around the Trindade and Martim Vaz archipelago may represent a migratory route 
for humpbacks that visit Brazilian waters. Furthermore, the frequency of 
groups of whales in this oceanic region during migration may be increasing due 
to population growth and the reoccupation process on the part of the stock of 
whales that have been using Brazilian waters after the cessation of whaling 

Best regards to all,


Salvatore Siciliano
Escola Nacional de Saude Publica/FIOCRUZ
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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