[MARMAM] Raven Pro 1.5 alpha software available, marking the 10th anniversary of Raven

Tim Krein tpk8 at cornell.edu
Thu Nov 8 14:54:10 PST 2012

The Bioacoustics Research Program at Cornell University has made the first
alpha build of Raven Pro 1.5 available on our web site,
http://RavenSoundSoftware.com.  Raven was created to help scientists
acquire, visualize, measure, and analyze sounds.  The availability of
version 1.5 comes at the 10th anniversary of the first beta release of
Raven 1.0.  Version 1.5 is the 9th version of Raven to be released and
includes a gridded selection review and annotation tool that should be
useful for rapid review and human classification of selections created by
detectors or manual human browsing.  It also includes support for real
clock times in the time axis, new playback features, and the ability to
compare selection tables to assess detector performance.  Available in an
upcoming build is an auto-save feature in the selection table.  One-time
30-day trial licenses of Raven Pro 1.4, which can be used with version
1.5, are available by writing to raven_orders at cornell.edu.

For more information on the software, including a history of the product
since its first beta release on October 31, 2002, please visit our web
site, http://RavenSoundSoftware.com.  We hope that users on this listserve
will take advantage of this opportunity to try out the new version of the

Tim Krein
Raven Sound Software Development
Bioacoustics Research Program
Cornell University

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