[MARMAM] Darwin Fin Photo Identification

Kristi Ashley Collom kristiashleycollom at gmail.com
Wed May 30 16:10:34 PDT 2012

Looking to get in contact with researchers who have had experience using 
the DARWIN Fin Photo Identification program. We are interested in 
learning consistencies, techniques for analysis, and database sharing, 
particularly but not limited to /Tursiops truncatus/ populations. Please 
contact me if you or your colleagues have used the program (Mac or PC 
version) and would like to collaborate techniques (troubleshooting 
methods, successive approaches, flaws, corrective procedures, etc.)

Thank you!

Kristi Ashley Collom
Research Assistant
/Belize Bottlenose Dolphin Project/
kristiashleycollom at gmail.com
(646) 620-4403/

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