[MARMAM] New paper on characteristics of whistles of rough-toothed dolphins in Rio de Janeiro coast, southeastern Brazil

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Dear colleagues,

The following article has just been published online in the *Journal of
Acoustical Society of America*:

Lima, I.M.S., Andrade, L.G., Carvalho, R.R., Lailson-Brito Jr., J., and
Azevedo, A.F. (*2012*). "Characteristics of whistles from rough-toothed
dolphins (*Steno bredanensis*) in Rio de Janeiro coast, southeastern
Brazil,"Journal of Acoustical Society of America V. 131, Issue 5, pp.

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There is no information about the whistles of rough-toothed dolphins in the
South Atlantic Ocean.
This study characterizes the whistle structure of free-ranging
rough-toothed dolphins recorded on
the Rio de Janeiro coast, southeastern Brazil, and compares it to that of
the same species in other
regions. A total of 340 whistles were analyzed. Constant (N=115; 33.8%) and
ascending (N=99;
29.1%) whistles were the most common contours. The whistles recorded had
their fundamental
frequencies between 2.24 and 13.94 kHz. Whistles without inflection points
were frequently emitted
(N=255; 75%). Some signals presented breaks or steps in their contour
(N=97; 28.5%). Whistle
duration was short (347*+*236 ms and 89.7% of the whistles lasted <600 ms).
Seventy-eight whistle
contour types were found in the total of whistles analyzed, and 27 (7.9%)
of these occurred only
once. Most of the whistle types were unique to a particular recording
session (N=43). The signals
emitted by the rough-toothed dolphins in southeastern Brazil were
characterized by low frequency
modulation, short duration, low number of inflection points, and breaks.
Differences in the mean
values of the whistle parameters were found between this and other studies
that recorded *Steno*
*bredanensis*, but as in other localities, whistles above 14 kHz are rare.

The article is available online at: http://link.aip.org/link/?JAS/131/4173

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Isabela Lima

Isabela Maria Seabra de Lima

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