[MARMAM] Orcinus orca, seeking internal anatomy references/images

Sharon Birzer sharonbirzer at comcast.net
Wed Mar 28 14:01:05 PDT 2012

Dear Marine Mammal Specialists, 

I'm working on illustrating layers of the Orca whale, Orcinus orca for a marine science center. We have the skeletal layer but I'm missing images of the internal organs and muscle layers. Would anyone know of references or resources containing images of the internal anatomy of an Orca Whale? 

I do have references for the internal anatomy and muscle layers of the Bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus. Possibly I can adapt them for the Orca. Would anyone care to weigh in on specific differences between the internal anatomy and muscles of Orcinus orca and Tursiops truncatus? 

Thank you for any assistance or information you may provide. 

Please send information to my email at sharonbizer at comcast.net. 

Kind regards, 

Sharon Birzer 
Science Illustrator 
Seattle, Washingotn 



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