[MARMAM] Information request - Marine debris impacts

Sarah Baulch sarahbaulch at eia-international.org
Mon Mar 26 00:56:31 PDT 2012

Dear colleagues,


I am conducting a review of the impacts of marine debris on marine mammals.
I would be very grateful for any information you could supply in relation to
this. In particular:

- Any case studies where cetacean populations have been impacted by marine
debris and action has been taken (successful or not).

- Information from strandings networks in relation to documented cases of
ingestion/entrapment or other impacts of marine debris (e.g. habitat
degradation) on marine mammals, including where possible the rates of
prevalence of debris in necropsied animals, associated pathology or
mortality, the species of marine mammal and debris composition.


Please contact me by email at: sarahbaulch at eia-international.org


Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.


Kind regards,


Sarah Baulch



Sarah Baulch

Campaign Researcher (Cetaceans)

Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
62/63 Upper Street
London N1 0NY
United Kingdom


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