[MARMAM] Request re: LWL-Museum of Natural History exhibit: Whales - Giants of the Sea

William Rossiter rossiter at csiwhalesalive.org
Sat Mar 24 08:12:15 PDT 2012

Posted on behalf of Uko Gorter <uko at ukogorter.com>, who says:

I am writing on behalf of the LWL-Museum für Naturkunde, Muenster, Germany.
The Museum is hard at work on their upcoming special exhibit, 
"Wale-Riesen der Meere" (Whales - Giants of the Sea).
The around 1700 sq. meter exhibit will be open to the public from 
September 21, 2012 to November 3, 2013.


To enhance the exhibit experience, the LWL-Museum has made the following 
requests for materials:

Sound clips of:

1) (navy) sonar
2) vessel traffic noise
3) other anthropogenic noise
4) heartbeat of blue whale

Video clips of:

5) whale (cetacean) birth
6) suckling whale calves
7) sleeping (resting) whales
8) entanglement in fishing gear

Photos of:

9) threats to whales (e.g. sonar, entanglement, pollution, whaling etc.).

While hoped that any of these materials are available as in-kind 
donations, the LWL-Museum of Natural History is willing to negotiate 
some kind of renumeration.
It is important that anyone offering these materials is the author 
and/or holds the original copyright.

Please, contact exhibit coordinator, Dr. Thorsten Pickel

Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe
LWL-Museum für Naturkunde
Westfälisches Landesmuseum mit Planetarium
Sentruper Str. 285
48161 Münster
Tel: (+49) 251-591-6057
Fax:(+49) 251-591-6098
E-mail: Thorsten.Pickel at lwl.org <mailto:Thorsten.Pickel at lwl.org>
Thank you for your consideration,

Uko Gorter

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