[MARMAM] Marine Bioacoustics at the Duke University Marine Lab

Doug Nowacek dpn3 at duke.edu
Mon Mar 19 10:13:52 PDT 2012

Marine Bioacoustics @ Duke University Marine Laboratory, Beaufort, NC USA

12-24 August, 2012

This course will introduce the concepts of marine bioacoustics and the methodologies involved generating, recording and analyzing marine sounds. The course will follow a source, path, receiver model allowing students to gain a fundamental understanding of how sounds are generated by natural or anthropogenic sources, how sounds propagate through the complex marine environment and how marine organisms receive, interpret and use sound. Emphasis will be placed on methodology and providing participants with experience operating equipment, collecting data in the field and laboratory and analyzing acoustic data. The course is designed for graduate students with interest or current research in the marine bioacoustics field requiring acoustical technologies and methodologies.  Applications are due 1 May 2012, and enrollment is limited to 15 students.
Please visit the course website for further information.
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