[MARMAM] DATE CHANGE: seeking two graduate students to work on animal adipose tissues

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Due to some UNCW application issues I need to change the date for consideration for this position to April 15 2012 (rather than June 1st).

Heather Koopman
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Subject: seeking two graduate students to work on animal adipose tissues

March 5 2012 – seeking two graduate students in the Koopman/Westgate lab at UNCW

PhD student – nitrogen solubility in tissues of vertebrates

We are seeking a PhD student to work on a project which will be funded by ONR to examine nitrogen solubility and vascular density in the adipose tissues of vertebrates, from a comparative perspective.  Our preliminary work has shown that in marine mammals, species with high wax ester content in their blubber tend to exhibit higher nitrogen solubility.  This project will examine tissue from other divers (seabirds, turtles) as well as animals used as diving models (pigs, sheep – and humans).  This student will need to be proficient with delicate lab instruments, tissue sampling and gas chromatography; in addition this project will have a significant histological component.

UNCW’s PhD program in Marine Biology is described here:  http://uncw.edu/bio/grad-phd.html.

Completion of a M.Sc. (or equivalent) in biology or chemistry, and a strong background in chemistry (major, minor) are required.

MSc student – nitrogen solubility in the acoustic tissues of toothed whales

This project will build on the preliminary data described above, examining how nitrogen solubility and vascular density in the specialized acoustic fats (melon and mandibular fats) of dolphins and porpoises compare with that of their blubber.  This will be a lab-based study, involving lipid extraction, gas measurements and histology.

UNCW’s MSc programs in Biology/Marine Biology are described here:  http://uncw.edu/bio/grad-ms.html

Experience with marine mammals and tissue sampling strongly preferred.  Completion of a B.Sc. in Biology or Chemistry, and a strong background in chemistry, are required.

Please contact Dr. Heather Koopman koopmanh at uncw.edu<mailto:koopmanh at uncw.edu> if you are interested – and attach a CV to your email. Be sure that you understand that both of these will be almost exclusively lab-based projects, with little to no field work. We will consider applications until April 15th 2012.

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